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Wedbush's August Video Game Industry Summary
By Jayson Derrick
["July's U.S. console/handheld software sales were roughly flat"]
Wedbush's August Video Game Industry Summary Benzinga By Jayson Derrick Michael Pachter of Wedbush reviewed key developments in the video gaming industry in a monthly recap note. Pachter noted that his proprietary "Wedbush Video Game Ind ...

Convicted Murderer Says Video Games Made Killings Easier

by Eddie Makuch
["it wasn't that difficult for him to because he had done so much killing in video games."]
Uber Stuck In A China Car Chase Vs. Alibaba, Tencent
[ " Tencent has banned or frozen all Uber accounts on the WeChat platform" ]

Tencent's kids smartwatch is both cute and connected
Richard Lai
[ "can be hooked up to WeChat, lost kids can send photos to their parents as an extra clue for locating them." ]

46% of US social casino gamers spend money - Newzoo
By Brendan Sinclair
[ "2-5 hours per week on their favorite title." ]

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